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Writers: Vomit on the page VS. Edit as you go ??

Being productive is difficult these days, and there are often times when I am only able to write a line or two—a paragraph if I’m lucky—before  something (or someone… like the baby for example… actually it’s almost always the baby…) distracts or interrupts me. When I was writing my first novel, Sovereign, I did a LOT of editing as I went along. I would often read back  over what I had so far, or maybe just back up a little from where I was about to pick up writing just to get back in the feel for it and to refresh my memory. At the time, I couldn’t resist the urge to make corrections (gracias a la OCD).  

Now, I just don’t have the time for that. So, I backtrack just enough to get my bearings, try my best not to screw up the story, and hope for the best. I’ll catch the mistakes in edit rounds.

Any writers struggle with this dilemma? Do you edit now or edit later? Do you have to force yourself not to address corrections as you go? 

It ain’t easy kids! (For me at least)

Happy writing! (And if you’re not a writer, happy reading!)


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Writers: Vomit on the page VS. Edit as you go ??

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